Vancouver Kingsway

Lawrence Taylor is a resident of Vancouver-Kingsway, and wants to channel his inclusive leadership style, optimism and compassion to help tackle the urgent environmental crises of climate change and reverse the decline in civil political discourse. From addressing ocean acidification to re-engaging disillusioned and disenfranchised voters, Lawrence is looking forward to moving beyond his role as a volunteer and jumping head-first into the world of politics. 
A supporter of the Greens since the late 1990s, he has been long interested in outdoor pursuits and environmental issues. More recently, he has engaged in activist organizations’ campaigns for electoral reform, protesting the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, and volunteering for Green municipal, provincial and federal campaign efforts.
A change in financial fortunes following a corporate downsizing gave him a firsthand view of the struggles his fellow Vancouverites endure with the affordability gap, the insecurity of the gig economy, and the difficulties that young adults face in laying down roots in BC. As such, he wants to help usher in a new era of economic equality and opportunity centred on knowledge and technology-based industries or careers in arts and culture. Central to this vision is the need to create a post-carbon, post-resource extraction economy.
Lawrence is a career regulatory affairs professional, now with a Burnaby contract research organization, ensuring that clients develop therapies —pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biologics— in compliance with Canadian or US regulatory requirements. He holds science degrees from Simon Fraser University and Western University.
Lawrence has been a certified cross-country ski official volunteering in race timing at all competition levels, from the local Coast Cup races to the starting line crew for nordic events at the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. In his spare time, he also serves as a caretaker for a peer-led meditation group in East Vancouver.