Iain Currie is the father of three and a lawyer. Born and raised in Kamloops, he returned to his hometown after law school to serve the public as a prosecutor for nearly eighteen years at the Kamloops Crown Counsel office. Now in private practice, Iain has heard the call to join the Green wave of Canadians standing up to demand immediate concrete action to combat the climate emergency.
Iain's commitment to environmental change began in 2008 when he made a goofy little stop-motion video about his concern for the future of his children and entered it in a contest to train with Climate Project Canada. His video won the contest and he travelled to Montreal and learned from global leaders to educate and advocate for taking the first small steps to combat climate change.
While education was a key then and personal responsibility remains important now, Iain shares the Green Party's urgency to begin the bold and immediate actions required by government to avert catastrophe. Canadians do what they can. Now Canada must act.
Iain joins Elizabeth May and millions of Green Party supporters in Canada and around the world in rejecting the cynicism of politics as usual. We must do better. The future of our planet depends on leaders working together and treating climate change as a profound security threat rather than a political football. The Green Party is the catalyst for this change.
Iain shares the Green Vision for a new sort of politics rooted in sustainability and relentlessly focussed on the overall health of our communities. A future of economic prosperity and carbon neutrality is still possible if we act decisively.