Coquitlam—Port Coquitlam

Though Brad Nickason was born in Barrhead, Alberta, just a short distance from the oil sands, he was raised and molded in the rugged western landscape of Kamloops, British Columbia. As a young person, he moved to Vancouver to study art and theatre. He has lived with his wife Susan in Port Coquitlam for over thirty years, and together they raised their three daughters, Emily, Rachel, and Elizabeth, here. 

Making a life as an illustrator, graphic designer, artist, and publisher of children's educational activity books, Brad has been an active participant in his community, coaching as well as volunteering. Brad sits on the board of the Evergreen Cultural Centre in Coquitlam, is the Chairperson for the Visual Arts Committee, and he also sits on the city's Culture Services Advisory Committee. As well, Brad is a board member of the Port Coquitlam Arts Council (FLSS) and organizes with local mental health and environmental advocacy groups in the area.

With a robust and community-driven voice, Brad has advocated for people's right to a sustainable environment, while striving to bridge the gap between society's needs and the realities of the natural world. He fears that expedient, short-sighted economic interests are running out the clock on humanity, even though proven alternative options have existed for years. He sees the Green Party as the only un-compromised, viable political option for addressing the existential threat of the climate crisis.   

Brad ran for the Green Party in the 2015 federal election in his riding of Coquitlam—Port Coquitlam, employing a campaign that worked to create awareness around environmental concerns as well as the party in general. The strategy successfully changed the local candidate's conversations. With a great team of dedicated volunteers, Brad found that knocking on doors, they could offer a positive alternative that the public was eager to consider. 

Brad's purpose for running in 2019 is to continue that work and to fulfill the promise of what Canada was becoming in his formative years, a diverse, inspiring, compassionate country of hope, health, and peace. His goal is to leave a world to his children and future generations in which they can thrive. Canada is a vast country with much to share with the world, Brad thinks progressive stewardship, and mindful, unencumbered representation is key to maintaining that vision. He passionately believes a healthy, protected environment with clean water, air, and soil is the foundation on which it must be built.