St. Albert—Edmonton

Rob Dunbar is running for election in the riding of St. Albert—Edmonton.
While Edmonton has been Rob’s home for over 25 years, he grew up in small town Alberta in an entrepreneurial home where economics and politics were equally important. He was taught what it takes to run a small business and what a leader needs to do to make the business succeed. He learnt that politics was something to be actively involved in; merely casting a vote every four years was not enough.
Rob's professional life has always involved teamwork and helping those around him. Throughout his diverse professional experience — working as a corporate educator and facilitator, working in retail, running a kitchen as the executive chef, and operating his own successful company — Rob has seen how precarious the world of small business can be. He believes that government and business must work together so the interests of all citizens are represented.
As an avid participant in various sports, Rob has also volunteered his time to coach both youth and adult teams. Most recently, he has been working to establish a non-profit to help feed the underprivileged of Edmonton.