Red Deer—Lacombe

Sarah’s curiosity and love for the outdoors prompted her to pursue a career in Earth Sciences, where she has worked in academia, government, and industry. She has two adult children and a mixed breed rescue dog. She considers being a mother and dog owner to be her most difficult, rewarding, and proudest accomplishments. 

Sarah has earned degrees from Saint Mary’s University (BSc cum laude 1986, honours 1991), Dalhousie University (MSc 1995), and Queen’s University (PhD 2005). She obtained her doctorate in geochemistry while raising two kind, beautiful, and civic-minded girls as a single parent. 

She has worked tirelessly as a volunteer for elementary schools, public awareness campaigns, and recycling and waste reduction programs. Since 2014, she has worked to stop the unrestricted pollution from a large pulp mill which has plagued Pictou County, NS. In 2017, she was president of the Ottawa chapter of 4RG (For Our Grandchildren), a group which raises awareness of climate issues. 

Sarah has worked in a wide range of fields, from field mapping in research projects to teaching graduate level science and on government projects such as Lithoprobe East and the National Geoscience Mapping Program (NATMAP). For the last 15 years she has worked on international projects in Mongolia, Sweden, Norway, Ethiopia, Mexico, and, most recently, Morocco, where she lived for several years with her husband in the High Atlas mountains on a small farm. She has her professional qualification as a geoscientist with PGO and has written reports such as 43-101’s and analyses of properties for the TSX. She has been published numerous times in reputable scientific journals and has been the subject of interest stories from Newfoundland to Nunavut as well as taking part in documentaries on earth science in northern Ontario and Sweden. 

Sarah has lived with a diverse cross section of Canadians and has learnt from their experiences. Sarah likes to be in nature and has travelled extensively. She enjoys spelunking, rock climbing, and white water canoeing. She practices yoga and mixed martial arts and played as goalie in the Queen’s geology recreational hockey league. She has joined the Green Party because she agrees wholeheartedly with their policies and wants to make the world a better place. She believes that the Greens have both the will and the expertise to make this happen.