Edmonton Strathcona

Michael Kalmanovitch has lived in Alberta since 1973, working in mining and oilfield supply in the Fort McMurray area, before transitioning into the service industry and eventually becoming a successful small business owner.

Not only does Michael live in this riding, but he opened his business here. In 1991, Michael opened Earth's General Store, an environmental product and organic food store. Michael has been involved in a plethora of issues over the decades because he believes that we must use our voice to achieve the change we want to see in the world. His store is an expression of his values — reduced impact, reduced waste, organic foods, bulk foods, plant-based living, living wages, community cohesion and mutual respect.

Michael is driven by a tireless commitment to the planet and the wellbeing of all. He is not a traditional politician, and will openly admit he doesn’t know how to play the game of politics but believes that he needs to volunteer to do his duty as a citizen of Canada and the planet.

Michael is a person that would rather be working in his garden, talking with customers at his store, riding his bicycle somewhere or spending time with his son, but knows we need people who are ready to fight for change to step up. He is running because he is committed to addressing the national deficit, implementing a proportional electoral system, and taking action to build a sustainable economy that can help avert a climate crisis.

Michael moved to the Edmonton Strathcona in 1979, and has lived in this riding ever since. He is a single parent of a 25-year-old son who also calls Edmonton home. Michael looks forward to chatting and working with everyone in this community who is ready to build a greener more prosperous future.