Edmonton Strathcona

Kelly Green is running for climate action in Edmonton—Strathcona.

He is a self-employed single dad with two sons, renting in his home riding, one he knows very well.

Kelly graduated from the audio visual communications program from MacEwan University before plying his trade where it would best fit his values of social justice and environmental protection. He worked at NCS-TV in Yellowknife, eventually becoming the Department Director and Producer.

His freelance media work brought him to The Hague for COP6 as an accredited media delegate.

Kelly spent five years in Toronto growing a media distribution and production company before returning to the prairies where he worked retrofitting a century-old style farmhouse into an off-grid destination.

In 2011 he became a public bus driver in Edmonton, remaining active in the community for both the City and his Local Amalgamated Transit Union 569 over nine years, and serving as auxiliary instructor, shop steward and community organizer.

Kelly transitioned back to self-employment and is currently chief learning assistant to his youngest son, and freelance social media manager. He continues to volunteer on mutual aid projects, and for his favourite Green, Naomi Hunter, leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party.