Calgary Nose Hill

Like many Albertans, Jocelyn Grossé grew up enjoying nature. She has worked as a teacher in multiple schools in Calgary, as a reference assistant and program facilitator at our local public library, as a freelance writer for various publications, and as a visual artist.

Jocelyn has also volunteered in wildlife rehabilitation, and from that experience has a passion in particular for wildlife conservation. Jocelyn has always drawn much of her inspiration for her work from nature and wildlife, whether it be in the classroom or in her visual art.

Jocelyn believes in the Green Party's platform to launch meaningful action as a response to the threat Canadians face from our changing climate. The climate emergency is the most dangerous health and security threat facing Canada, and needs to be seriously addressed. 

Jocelyn believes that Mission: Possible – the Green Climate Action Plan can be part of the solution to address the climate crisis and work towards a sustainable future. She is inspired to be part of a team that gives Canadians a choice when it comes to how to move forward with the climate emergency we face.