Calgary Midnapore

Taylor is a born and raised Southeast Calgarian. She has been working since she was a young girl, giving her a wide-range of experience in many industries, including restaurants, retail, cleaning, and warehousing. She is currently pursuing a degree at the University of Calgary with a double major in Political Science and English Literature.
Taylor recently ran as a Green Party of Alberta candidate in the provincial election. She is proud to represent the Green Party at the provincial and federal levels because they share her strongest values. She is committed to taking care of the environment, investing in a green economy, Indigenous reconciliation, supporting students, and protecting our healthcare. As a working student, Taylor especially understands the burdens of student debt and believes education should be accessible to all.
Taylor enjoys spending her free time in the mountains. She has a passion for hiking, camping, and picking up trash along the trails. Her time in the outdoors has given her an appreciation for what is at stake in the current climate crisis. She believes that change at the individual level is important, but change at the government level is crucial in preserving our planet.