Calgary Heritage

Allison “Allie” Tulick is a chemist and a community activist. She has a history of tenacious work with all-levels of government to meet the needs of communities in Southwest Calgary.
In 2015, Allie successfully challenged the Province on the design of the Southwest Ring Road and saved the Beaver Pond in the Weaselhead/Glenmore Park. Allie also negotiated a tax-saving redesign of the 37 Street stormwater outfall project to protect your drinking water in the Glenmore Reservoir, and led the community of Lakeview to successfully appeal McDonald’s development permit for an all hours drive-thru.
As a Green MP, Allie will develop a new water legacy based on smart stewardship and green infrastructure. Her education in organic chemistry makes her a strong candidate to expand public healthcare to include pharmacare, establishing a Crown corporation to bulk purchase and provide much needed coverage to Canadians forced to pay for prescription medication.
Allie stands for protecting your drinking water, providing for your health and investing in green infrastructure and business for Southwest Calgary prosperity. Allie’s record of success coupled with the platform of the Green Party of Canada offers you a forward thinking choice for action in Parliament.
A 4th generation Albertan, Allie recently ran for MLA in Calgary-Glenmore for the Green Party of Alberta. She enjoys horses, camping and volunteers with Buddhist nuns at the local monastery.