Calgary Heritage

Through her experience working in provincial politics in Alberta, including time with the Alberta Minister of Energy, Taryn Knorren fell in love with policy and politics. What she didn’t love was how the province and country was planning for the future.

Taryn believes that through pragmatic long-term planning, economic diversification, and by balancing social, economic and environmental priorities, Canada can position itself as a world leader, while ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for all Canadians.

Taryn is currently finishing her two-year postgraduate degree in education and completing her practicum as a student teacher at Chiila Elementary on Tsuut'ina Nation. She has travelled across Canada with an organization speaking to youth, aiming to empower and motivate them to become the young leaders that will drive Canada for years to come. Taryn worked for two years in Calgary Midnapore as a marketing director for a small company before finding her passion in education and continuing her education. She volunteered at an organic farm in India with an organization that aims to restore traditional and organic farming practices in India. This experience has helped shape her mindset as she enters Canadian politics to “think global, act local.”

Through her travels, Taryn has encountered the incredible strength and diversity of Canadians, but she’s also witnessed the challenges we still need to address. She is passionate about educational reform, working with First Nations communities to come to a better understanding of how we can all work together, ensuring greater investment in scientific research, and expanding our energy sector to include clean energy.

Originally from Calgary, Taryn is a graduate from Renaissance College, a unique program at the University of New Brunswick that focuses on building leaders in a hands-on learning environment. This program has developed her passion for Indigenous rights, democratic and electoral reform, youth empowerment, and the need to live in harmony with the environment.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Taryn Knorren as our candidate in the riding of Calgary Heritage.