Saskatoon West

Shawn Setyo


Shawn Setyo is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan and works in the burgeoning technology space in Saskatoon. He believes the Greens to be the most forward-thinking political party in the province. A party that is grounded in scientific facts and the betterment of society as a whole. A party that puts people before profit and understands that we are all connected in the intricate web of life.

Shawn has represented the Greens as a candidate on a number of occasions in ridings from Saskatoon to Melfort, and currently serves as the Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party. He understands that the most important resource in Saskatchewan are it's people, which is why Shawn encourages the province to adopt a more knowledge based economy. Saskatchewan needs to invest more heavily in the tech and renewable energy sector, while transitioning our natural resources sector to one with value added processing and manufacturing.

To think global you need to act locally, which is why Shawn volunteers at a number of community organizations — so he can feel connected to the people around him and truly get the pulse of the neighbourhood. Some of the organizations you can find him working with include the Remai Modern Art Gallery and Friendship Inn. He also volunteers as an English tutor with newly arrived refugees.

Shawn is committed understanding the root causes of issues by delving deep into communities and talking with those closest to the problem. He believes the concerns facing urban and rural populations stem from many of the same causes, which is why he knows that we must tackle these problems as a whole country, and not as one divided.