Dale Dewar is no stranger to challenges. From public speaking in 4-H to teaching in Northern Iraq, she has had a wealth of experiences that have prepared her for the stresses of participating in a general election. As a candidate, she can give a voice to issues of environment, justice and health. Dale admits that running in opposition to a sitting party leader makes this challenging but states that, “it would be a lot harder for me to stay home.” 

Dr. Dewar is a rural doctor and Associate Professor of Family Medicine with the University of Saskatchewan. She worked as a clinical physician in Wynyard off-and-on for almost thirty years, and with Northern Medical Services for seven years. She continues to provide medical care to isolated communities above the Arctic Circle, but now calls herself “sort of” retired.

Dr. Dewar and her husband, Bill Curry, jointly won the Saskatchewan Global Citizen Award in 2010 for decades of volunteer work in environmental activism and health. In 2013, she received a lifetime membership award in the Canadian Medical Association for her advocacy for rural physicians and rural populations, and for her international educational work. 

Bill died suddenly in 2015 at the age of 73, and Dale now lives with three cats, one dog, and seven chickens in a passive solar house on an organic acreage in the Touchwood Hills between Raymore and Wynyard. Their three grown daughters are divided between Winnipeg and Calgary. Her interests include, but are not limited to, health, writing, reading, yoga, cooking, gardening, doing sudokus, watching Rupaul’s drag race, and tending to her pets.