Naomi Hunter is Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party. In Saskatchewan, the provincial Green leaders have a history of running during federal elections.

Naomi is a leader for her community, the environment, peace and social justice. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, she still runs the family farm with her father near Birch Hills. She is also an entrepreneur, community organizer and politician.

Naomi has volunteered extensively throughout the province with a variety of grassroot, arts and political organizations.

Helping people is central to Naomi’s life, founding the group, “I Will Help Regina” and volunteering to provide fresh grown produce and other essential items in her community. She delivers at least one hamper or parcel of donations every day, sometimes many.

Naomi thrives in adversity - raising two wonderful children while juggling multiple jobs as a single Mom. Her energy and persistence is legendary. Regardless of what needs doing, she rolls up her sleeves and sets to it with a smile.

Smart, confident and articulate, Naomi moves with grace between press scrum, boardroom, and boreal forest. She is approachable, responsive and would love to hear from you.

Naomi looks forward to representing Regina-Qu’Appelle as MP for the Green Party of Canada.