Naomi Hunter lives in Regina with her son Isaiah and daughter North. Naomi grew up in Northern Saskatchewan, and feels that her childhood in the beautiful boreal forests of Canada helped shape her passion for nature. An SPRA certified fitness instructor for the City of Regina, Naomi has a passion for the health and wellness of her community.

Naomi’s interest in running for the Green Party of Canada blossomed from her volunteer work helping those in need. She deeply desires a society where we all look out for one another through social programs and by ensuring clean air and water for future generations.

Naomi is a social activist and founder of the volunteer run “I Will Help Regina” group. This Facebook page provides a forum for those in need to request support, and those with items to donate to post household goods, clothing and food hampers to help others. This group grew from the humble beginnings of Naomi dumpster-diving for useable goods and giving them away when she was seventeen-years-old, and now has over 8,000 active members.

Naomi would like to see Canada become a world leader in sustainable earth friendly living options. She and her children were the first people to live year-round completely off-grid at the Craik Sustainable Living Project. They lived in a Mongolian yurt throughout Saskatchewan’s winter.

Naomi is a yoga teacher and artist who also practices reiki. She is involved with numerous local arts, culture and social programs, and loves to pursue outdoor activities including hiking and canoeing in her free time.