Winnipeg South

Paul Bettess has worked on behalf of a healthy environment for 25 years. Now, the professional climate scientist wants to put his skills to work for the voters in Winnipeg South and all Canadians to care for the only Earth home that we all share.

“The people, animals, and the environment we live in and with, are increasingly under threat, and I want to share my information, passion, and knowledge to work politically to make vital changes that have to be made quickly. There is no better choice than the Green Party in which to do this in my estimation.” Said Bettess recently to a group of campaign workers.

Paul’s passion for the environment started early. He studied Environmental Science at the University of Manitoba (1997) graduating with a B.Sc. majoring in water toxicology. He was active in the Science Student Association and student government while there.

Along the way, he developed a distinguished career, accumulating an arms-length worth of credentials. Some of the milestones included:

  • Co-op student at the renowned Experimental Lakes Area.
  • Resident in a remote field camp while being immersed in the beautiful Canadian Shield with nothing but freshwater lakes and Boreal forest for as far as the eye can see.
  • Was a grateful student to work alongside some of the leading aquatic researchers in the world, learning how intricate and fragile terrestrial and aquatic food webs are.
  • Eager learner gaining experience in Hydrology, Chemistry, Zooplankton, and field sampling.
  • Worked in a private lab that analyzed environmental samples of Hg and MeHg at the Ultra-trace level.

Today, Paul works with Environment and Climate Change Canada as an Environmental Monitoring Technologist measuring water levels in lakes and rivers.

As a father of three and a proud husband, Paul loves his family as much as our natural world and works to instill the importance of environmental beliefs in all of them.