Bill Tiessen resides in his childhood home on a farmyard near Crystal City, Manitoba. Together with his wife Sheila, he operated a mixed farm until 2009, raising sheep and chickens alongside crops of alfalfa hay, wheat, canola, barley and flax. Currently, they run a successful bookkeeping and tax preparation business and consider their grown children, Rebecca and Zach, as their proudest legacy.

Bill is interested in the workings of government, which has led to his writing a regular political commentary in his local newspaper, the Sentinel Courier. He enjoys taking the pulse of his readers as he meets them in the community. Listening to their thoughts and concerns about current events and the impact of those events on the lives of average folks is central to his commitment to involve people in conversations that matter.

Bill participates in community organizations and projects ranging from treasurer for the newly formed United Community Arts and Broadway Fitness Gym to acting in the annual outdoor Passion Play at nearby La Riviere. To unwind, he enjoys running and is a regular lap swimmer at the local pool. When farming with his father, Bill pushed for a move to zero tillage, reducing equipment maintenance and fuel costs and resulting in improved soil health. He recognizes that the challenges of modern agriculture need innovative solutions. He believes the Green Party of Canada has effective ideas that encourage the treatment of land and water as finite and fragile, but resilient when stewarded wisely.

Bill argues for a more collaborative approach to good and effective government. Many voices do not necessarily translate into division and discord. Rather, he sees the challenge of an increasingly volatile climate as an opportunity. “We all want a better future for our children,” he states, “it’s how we get there that requires vision and leadership.”