Humber River—Black Creek

Mike Schmitz was born and raised in Toronto, and began his career as a small business owner on the Lakeshore after graduating from George Brown College. He moved to the Jane and Finch area through his employment as Logistics Operator with Versacold in 2006, where he has served as Union Representative, Health and Safety Inspector, and point person for a charitable program that provides cold weather suits for Toronto’s homeless.

A single working parent, Mike's primary focus has been work, co-parenting his 13 year old son and raising his 8 year old daughter, all with the help of his close knit circle of family and friends. He is proud to pass down his love for the outdoors to his children, and has always instilled in them that it is our privilege to enjoy the environment and our duty to protect it. That singular mission drives him to run for the Green Party of Canada, where his skills as a frontline leader and tireless advocate will be put to best use. 

Mike understands that any meaningful change will require collaboration and he is ready to do his part. He prides himself on being able to work with anyone, keep an open mind and actively listen to the ideas and criticisms of others. His vision of a sustainable, socially vibrant and economically responsible Canada will be brought to life through kindness and inclusion. Only by working together will Canadians see sustainable energy nationwide, gender and race equality for all, and a people’s government that is fully accountable to those that it serves.

Mike is often found in the wilderness of Ontario where he cycles, plays guitar and enjoys the company of friends and family. No matter where you find him, he will have his motto with him: “if you can do some good, do it.”