York Centre

Born and raised in Toronto, Sasha Zavarella is a lifelong entrepreneur who decided to run for the Green Party of Canada so he could impact and improve the lives of his fellow Canadians. Mr. Zavarella knows first-hand the challenges that come with being a LGBTQ+ millennial, and wants to reimagine electoral reform while also reworking Canadian democracy to better serve, and include all Canada’s citizens.
Mr. Zavarella supports the core Green Values and policies. He would like to see a minimum wage hike, free post-secondary tuition and a fair and just transition for fossil fuel workers. He is passionate about solving food insecurity, ensuring access to clean water for all Canadians and implementing a Guaranteed LIvable Income in Canada. 
A graduate of Seneca College for Police Foundations, York University for Alternative Dispute Resolution, Sasha recently completed the Future Legislators program at Ryerson University.  Straight-talking and hard working, He currently works as a manager in the power sector, and is a freelance photographer and identifies himself as a Canadian like many others, both in his riding of York Centre, and across Canada.