Sharolyn Vettese recognizes the urgency of the climate crisis and is devoting her campaign to sharing that message. Sharolyn knows that the climate crisis affects all Canadians but she also knows that we have the technology, knowledge, and expertise to adapt, mitigate, and transition to a sustainable low-carbon economy. We only need leadership. Without leadership, floods, wildfires, droughts, polar vortexes, heat bombs, and melting Arctic ice and permafrost will only get worse. Our children, our grandchildren, and those who cannot vote need us to act now. 

Sharolyn is an entrepreneur and small business owner in energy conservation. Through her experience, she has shown that new technologies and practices can use 70% less energy and provide other savings. Her company was also a market participant in the recently terminated Ontario Cap and Trade program. She also founded a company that designed and manufactured a small wind turbine in Ontario, winning numerous design awards for its innovation and sustainability.

Sharolyn has lived in Willowdale for many years and raised her family here. Sharolyn served as a volunteer community leader for 14 years, working to create the innovative North York Centre with its parks, diverse buildings, and protected original residential community.

As Willowdale's Green MP, Sharolyn Vettese’s priorities will include working to:

Address the climate crisis by working with the City of Toronto to expand pedestrian, bicycle, public, and electric transportation and to fund energy reducing measures;

Shift to the low-carbon economy by supporting a price on carbon and nurturing entrepreneurs and jobs;

Reduce the voting age from 18 to 16 years old so that young people can have a voice regarding the climate crisis they are inheriting;

Ban citizen-owned handguns and assault rifles.

P.S. Parliament needs more women MPs to stop the partisanship and start working together for all Canadians.