For the past 17 years, Raquel Fronte has been enjoying her career as an International Flight Attendant. She feels fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of a work culture that combines camaraderie with the learning experiences of travel. 

With a post-secondary education in film studies, Raquel has been working on an ongoing passion project visiting, researching and gathering content on the world's diverse array of intentionally sustainable communities and grassroots movements. By doing so, she has learned a tremendous amount about what we can do to manifest sustainable environmental and economic change.

Through this experience, Raquel has been convinced that the only answer to the climate crisis is a widespread mobilization of people —from every background and country—  who are willing to put in the hard work to build a truly sustainable future. This means investing in new forms of sustainable agriculture and energy production, championing creative movements and educational models that teach future-oriented skills, and reforming our economic system so it works for everyone, not just a shrinking elite. Raquel feels there is no technological or economic barriers that should inhibit an urgent transition to clean and renewable energy, and that our current struggles are just a question of societal and political will.

Raquel is foremost a devoted mother of two, and finds motivation and inspiration from her children on a daily basis. In recent years, Raquel and son Daniel have bonded in advocacy for many grassroots social movements. Together, they have participated in rallies, protest movements, seminars and educational events in an effort to raise awareness of the climate crisis and other social causes.

Raquel believes that the Green Party is the answer to the urgent transition Canada must make to join the new, emerging and sustainable global economy before our time has run out.