William “Bill” Crumplin credits his appreciation for nature to spending time with his paternal grandfather and reading National Geographic Magazine together when he was a kid. He has been a professor of geography and environmental studies since 1992.

Bill has taught at the Corner Brook Campus of Memorial University, Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie, and has been at Laurentian University since 2003. At Laurentian, he has taught and researched environmental issues for seven distinct environmental studies courses in addition to coordinating the annual undergraduate field camps. He has also hosted a weekly 2-hour radio show, Earth Tracks, on Laurentian University’s CKLU radio station since 2014, with each episode focusing on an environmental theme.

Bill has decided to run as a candidate for the Green Party for a few reasons. First, he is extremely frustrated by the fact that none of the other parties have meaningful environmental planks in their platforms. Second, he is convinced that our environment has been damaged to the extent that we have very little time to act, and appreciates that the Green Party of Canada is the only party with a plan for immediate action. Third, he has been encouraging his students for years to involve themselves in issues that they feel strongly about and that are neglected by politicians and business interests. As a result, he feels it is time to walk the talk and act as a role model for his students and colleagues by running and focusing on environmental issues.

Bill lost his wonderful wife of four years, Donna Williams, in April of 2016, after a brief experience with a relatively rare condition, amyloidosis. He is also a cancer survivor and has been cancer free since November 2016. Bill still plays pick-up hockey once or twice a week as a goalie and he loves to walk his dog by Lake Ramsey. He also owns a cat, enjoys craft beer and supporting local breweries and restaurants. Whenever possible, he loves to experience the lakes, parks and landscape of the Near North regions of Ontario. Put simply, he loves spending time in nature and with his friends and animals.

Above all else, Bill is running because he wants to be able to look at his great nieces and nephews and tell them that he did something — he hopes you join him on that mission!