Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry

Growing up on a farm with nine siblings, Jeanie learned early the value of hard work, responsibility, independence and persistence. She moved to Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry and worked there while obtaining a PhD in English Literature from the University of Ottawa.

Jeanie worked at the university for more than 15 years as a sessional lecturer. She has published on literature and trauma, literature and the environment, and presented at the Doris Lessing Society. As a volunteer, she has worked as a Big Sister, an ESL teacher, an educator with the Ottawa Humane Society, for World Vision and is on the Parent Council of her son’s school.

As a mother and an aunt, Jeanie is seeking election because she wants to encourage youth and women to find a voice through the political system.

As Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry’s MP, Jeanie would press for:

  1. Urgent action on the climate crisis;
  2. Post-pandemic funding for mental health care for youth in the aftermath of COVID-19;
  3. Green economic development based on a transition to clean energy;
  4. Meaningful engagement with First Nations communities, specifically the Mohawks of Akwesasne, and an ongoing commitment to the 94 Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Ultimately, Jeanie believes society needs to prioritize providing opportunities for our youth, whether they are a child in a rural community with little access to mental health support or the internet, a recent immigrant in Cornwall starting school in Canada for the first time, or First Nations youth striving to fulfill their potential on their own terms.