Spadina—Fort York

Dean Maher was born in St. John's, Newfoundland, and is now proud to call Toronto home. He is an entrepreneur and community leader who is active with a variety of organizations including the Toronto Humane Society and local LGBTQ+ groups.

Dean is especially concerned about the social, economic and environmental pressures that are being brought on by our increasingly connected and competing world. With the rise of global competition, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, he believes we are facing a tipping point. Dean wants to get involved in public service because he knows we need more elected officials thinking about the impacts that precarious, part-time, underpaid and contract work are having on young Canadians.

Dean was drawn to the Green Party of Canada because he sees it as the only party with a smart vision for the future, one grounded in new economy jobs —especially in the green energy sector— that will be able to provide Canadians with secure, well-paying full-time jobs. He is particularly focused on the issue of climate change, and is passionate about moving our country away from a carbon-based economy and embracing sustainable industries.

Dean is a vegan and believes in a plant-based diet for the health of Canadians and the planet.   He considers himself socially liberal and fiscally conservative, and is an advocate for fact-based  and consensus-driven decision making.