Scarborough Centre

Dordana’s interest in politics was sparked by her studies at the University of Toronto, where she earned a BA in International Development Studies. Dordana lives in Scarborough and works as a Real Estate Sales Representative. Her knowledge of the housing market has made her concerned about the affordability of housing for most Torontonians.

Dordana knows the struggle first-hand. As a child, her family moved often in search of affordable housing. They were lucky to be on the short list for Toronto Housing, although conditions were not always ideal and their neighbourhoods have since been gentrified, further pushing out lower income families.
Dordana believes fighting climate change needs to be a top priority for the Canadian government. She is deeply troubled by the growing number of people fleeing their homes, not just from war, but from droughts, flooding, and extreme weather events caused by climate change. Dordana is alarmed by the rhetoric in politics and in the media vilifying refugees and wants to fight to ensure that refugees today receive the same welcome she and her family received when they came to Canada as refugees from Afghanistan in the late 1980's.
Dordana is a strong advocate for Mental Health. For much of her life, she silently struggled with Bipolar II Disorder, not knowing she had a mental illness that could be treated. Without access to a psychiatrist, she paid out of pocket for counselling for anxiety and depression. After finally being accepted as a patient by a psychiatrist, she was diagnosed in her mid-thirties. Dordana knows from experience that mental healthcare has taken a backseat in the Canadian healthcare system. As a Green Party representative she will advocate for those that suffer in silence from mental illness