St. Catharines

Catharine was born in Hamilton, Ontario to mixed race Canadian parents. She spent a lot of time “up North,” where resources can be scarce, and learned the importance of conservation and sustainability.

She is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for kayaks, canoes, swimming and hiking. Like many others in Canada, Catharine is passionate about animals, the environment and shared resources. At McMaster University, Catharine earned a degree in political science. She volunteered with the Afro Canadian Caribbean Association, women’s resources and the Social Planning & Research Council.

Catharine participated in Municipalities, Universities, Schools and Hospitals (MUSH) sector research that was brought to Parliament. She has seen first hand the challenges Canadians face around housing, childcare, income security and healthcare. As the owner of a sustainable local business, she has a great passion for local business and resources, sustainable and upcycled fashion and community based initiatives. In 2021, she made the jump into politics and has put her hat in the ring as the St. Catharines representative for the Green Party of Canada.

Catharine is very excited about this new chapter and hopes to bring the message about Green initiatives straight to Parliament.