Brock Grills was born and raised in Peterborough, attending St. Patrick’s Elementary and Holy Cross Secondary before graduating from Trent University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies in 2013. He currently works as a skilled tradesman.

Constantly looking to get involved with the community, Brock has volunteered at City Council meetings, the Canadian Canoe Museum, the Dragon-Boat Festival Fundraiser, and during the 2014 Peterborough Municipal election. In 2018, Brock ran as a candidate for council in Peterborough Ward 1 (Otonabee).

Through his presence in the community, Brock has built relationships with people of all political stripes. He wants to work with the people of Peterborough to create green sector job growth, mixed-income housing developments, and put pressure our current government to keep its commitments regarding the budget, implementing electoral reform, pursuing more ambitious environmental targets, and providing clean drinking water for First Nations. Lastly, Brock is an advocate of responsible land development. Making sure we are doing our due diligence regarding environmental impacts before we open up land for development is in the long-term economic and environmental interest of our community.

In his spare time, Brock enjoys attending community concerts and events including Peterborough Petes games and Peterborough Musicfest. Brock is also an avid collector of music, especially vinyl records, which he believes is the best way to enjoy music and keeps old records out of our landfills.