Andrew MacGregor works as a Financial Advisor in Peterborough, Ontario, where he lives with his wife and three kids. 
As a father and planner, Andrew finds his call to action in the Green Party of Canada's environmental platform, believing wholeheartedly in immediate, bold and comprehensive climate change policy to secure a healthy environment for future generations. He values diversity, inclusion and evidence-based policy, and wants to bring these kinds of voices from his community with him to parliament.

Andrew brings a wealth of real-world working experience, having enjoyed careers in Christian ministry and social services, in information technology and software development, in railway transportation, and lastly in financial planning. He recently started a business to remove the barrier of upfront cost from consumers to access electric vehicle conversions.

Andrew volunteers on the board of Peterborough Paramedics and Beyond as treasurer, serving doctors and nurses and paramedics as they offer their medical expertise internationally. He has served as a facilitator to the Peterborough Parents of Multiples support group, sharing in sympathy during a unique parenting challenge. He has also enjoyed getting active as a volunteer coach for Peterborough Youth Soccer Club in their U5 league.

In his down time, Andrew can be found enjoying the latest local brew, reworking some of his pet software projects, playing board games, or working the rowing machine at the gym. Andrew is also bilingual, having completed French immersion studies in high school and having worked as a telephone support technician serving French Canadians.