Dr. James Elwick was born in British Columbia and has lived in Oakville since 2003, with his wife Sue and his two children in this community. It is for them, and for other Oakville youth, that he runs for the Green Party of Canada.
Elwick’s commitment to Oakville - and also to real reconciliation between Canada and its Indigenous, Métis and Inuit peoples - is demonstrated in his work on the board of Hockey Cares, a charity bringing together youth from Attawapiskat and Oakville.

Professionally, Elwick is trained as an historian of science and teaches about the relationship between science, technology and society. He is currently Associate Professor at York University, and has degrees from Western University, the University of Cambridge and the University of Toronto.

For years we have been told by political leaders about the need to innovate and compete. As we head into the 2020s Elwick now thinks it is time to apply this logic to our inadequate political system, which seems increasingly unable to respond to numerous challenges. He believes it is only by innovating a new politics that we can maintain Oakville and Canada’s prosperity, and our core commitment to fairness.

With Elizabeth May and Paul Manly, as your Green candidate Elwick will build a grassroots coalition of Oakville residents who believe we now must do politics differently.