Walter Bauer is a newcomer to politics who decided to throw his hat into the ring because he believes that the most important issues today are climate change and income inequality, and that only the Green Party has prudent policies to confront these concerns.

Walter graduated from the University of Waterloo and worked for twenty years in the construction industry before starting his own consulting company in 2001. He has published articles in various trade journals and presented a peer reviewed paper in Washington, D.C.

As an expert witness and professional engineer, Walter has worked with companies to analyze cost overruns and propose workable solutions. He understands how inefficiencies and mistakes can cause costs to spiral out of control.

Born in the Dominican Republic, Walter moved to Canada as a child and developed a lust for learning and exploring the world. His travels have taken him across Canada, the United States, Africa, Asia, Central America, South America, India and Europe.

In York Region, among other things, he has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, made breakfast for the homeless, and co-led a group sponsoring a Syrian refugee family in Toronto.

Walter looks forward to working with the residents of Newmarket—Aurora to build a sustainable, equitable and prosperous future.