Christopher Williams is an award-winning teacher and Head of Personalized Alternative Education at Milliken Mills High School in Markham. His 27 year career in public education was preceded by memberships in both the Carpenters’ and Labourers’ Unions. His eclectic experiences in the trades in combination with his passion for lifelong learning have helped shape him into a unique educator who places a high premium on authentic and relevant experiential learning. Chris has worked tirelessly in Markham and the GTA to engage and unite community partners in meaningful projects that benefit all community stakeholders while ensuring a strong emphasis on local environmental action.

Although quite happy in his teaching job and quite happy living in relative obscurity, Chris felt compelled to run for the Green Party in Markham–Thornhill to give residents an opportunity to support honesty and integrity in a candidate who is just like them, not a career politician. Just like them, Chris is concerned about the rapid onslaught of climate change and both the obvious and insidious effects of continued fossil fuel dependency. Just like them, Christ wants to implement immediate and realistic plans for a withdrawal from that dependency. Just like them, Chris is worried about the future for his family and his children and potential grandchildren. Just like them, Chris is trying to make ends meet in a world where safety, security, belonging and opportunity cannot be taken for granted and must be enriched and protected.

Chris sees the obvious positive connections between the environment and the economy and sees a ‘Green New Deal’ for Canada as a way to solve the climate crisis, create millions of well-paid meaningful jobs, to welcome a genuine nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous Peoples, and build a healthier and more prosperous Canada for all Canadians.

Chris is an avid trail runner and naturalist who pursues outdoor adventure to connect with family and friends in nature. He can often be found in a canoe in one of Ontario’s many provincial parks.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Christopher Williams as our candidate in the riding of Markham–Thornhill.