Roy Long is just a regular guy that has always tried in his own little way, to make the world a better place. Every Saturday morning during the winter you will find Roy at the local hockey rink coaching young players even after his own kids have moved on to other sports. He knows that coaching a kids sport team won’t change the world, but he hopes that giving these kids a great sporting experience will teach them values (teamwork, patience, hard work, sportsmanship) that they will carry with them always. 

Roy is the son of Irish immigrants that sailed to Canada seeking a better way of life for their family. He was the 1st member of his family to complete university. This has given him an appreciation for how hard most families struggle to pay for their children’s education, and how hard most students work at their studies. He sees the ridiculously high cost of university as a major problem for most Canadians and for the country. He believes that today’s education is tomorrow’s economy. 

After completing his degree in business he joined the family locksmithing business and has been with the business for almost 40 years. Roy has spent hundreds & hundreds of hours working in the community, coaching hockey, coaching softball, and helping young people build their confidence at the Young Leaders Program™.

His work with young people has inspired him to do his best to create a better future for our youth. This is why he has joined the green party. Roy is no career politician, he has never held a position with the Green party (or any other), he is just a regular guy, that knows what it’s like to struggle to pay the bills and look after his family;and has decided it is now time for him to step up and help the Green party give our youth a better future. Roy feels blessed that he has a wonderful wife, 2 great boys ( that have just finished college & university so he knows the pain of the high cost of schooling) and quite possibly the worlds cutest dog.