Stephen Kotze is a skilled facilitator and respected leader. For the past twenty years, he has served his community as an accounting professional, working with individuals, small-businesses and not-for-profit organizations to strengthen their long-term viability through solid financial practices and processes. Prior work experience includes nine months as Executive Director of the Canadian Environmental Network, which connected him with leaders across the country and honed his leadership and networking skills.
As a thirty-five-year resident of Lanark County, where he raised his family with his wife of almost forty years, Rosemary, Stephen is passionate about his community and has volunteered extensively. He is currently the Treasurer of the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust, an organization dedicated to the long-term preservation of land and the strengthening of human connection to the land.
Stephen has decided to run for the Green Party because he wants to continue his service to the people of his community, and because he believes that the Green Party is the party of the 21st century. He has always had an interest in politics and believes in the ability of the political process to effect meaningful change. He is passionate about our human connection to the natural world and the impact we are having on this planet, and he sees the Green Party as the only party that is taking climate change seriously.
However, Stephen recognizes that the Green Party is much more than an environmental party, with policies to address and respond to a full range of issues. He is particularly keen on taxation models that lower income taxes and increase taxes on pollution, but he is also a realist who recognizes that change needs to happen at a pace that people can manage.
Stephen is a parent, grandparent and mentor. He loves to read, write, hike, canoe, play soccer and make music with his friends and family.