Kitchener South—Hespeler

David Weber lives in Kitchener's Doon community near the area his Mennonite ancestors farmed. David studied Law and Security at Conestoga College, graduating in 1988 to begin thirty years of honorable police service within his community.

Having a strong sense of justice and becoming a disenfranchised conservative voter, David observed the “big three” parties all to be self-serving. A curiosity to investigate the Green Party led David to join, support and door-knock for them. He has now run as a Green candidate provincially in 2014 and 2018 and as a federal candidate in 2015.

David has volunteered with FairVote Canada to present material to high school students on Canada's voting system and a better option — Proportional Representation. He believes our current system gives too much power to party leaders and creates false majorities. By moving to a proportional model, he knows we can build a fairer system where a true majority of elected officials can work together toward balanced legislation that serves our common good over party interests.

In addition to his advocacy for proportional representation, David seeks to promote good jobs in clean intelligent industries within a green energy economy, all in harmony with our precious planet's ecosphere. He knows we must respect and protect the earth, water and air to ensure a prosperous future. David is pushing for a voting system that makes better government possible — a government that embodies a sustainable approach, strengthens our healthcare system and promotes a higher quality of life.