Kingston and the Islands

Candice Christmas is motivated by work that addresses issues of equity, social justice and civil society in Canada and abroad. With fifteen years experience in project management of interdisciplinary research in the private and public sectors, Candice is an expert in knowledge translation and exchange. 

Candice has a dual major DEC degree in psychology and philosophy from John Abbott College, a Minor in Political Science from McGill, a BA Honours in History and a Master of Arts in Health Geography from Queen’s University. This summer she will defend her doctoral dissertation “Voices for Youth Wellness” in the field of health policy and equity. She has policy expertise in many areas, including: carbon taxation, alternative energy sectors, post-secondary medical education, early childhood development and care, youth mental health and wellness, spatial epidemiology, housing and food security.

Candice has significant experience working with the media from her years at the Kingston Economic Development Corporation, as well as presenting policy and programming to varied stakeholders. She believes the green movement is about sustainability and should be built for, and with, youth and Millennials. 

Candice and her partner are the proud parents of two teenagers, and in her spare time Candice enjoys traveling, cooking, gardening and photography. Born and raised in Montreal, she is fluent in French and English.