Hastings—Lennox and Addington

Sari Watson is a business owner and newly elected Municipal Councillor in her hometown of Stirling-Rawdon. Borne from a deep love and respect for the natural world, Sari understands the delicate relationship between society, the environment, business and economics, and pursued a bachelor’s degree from the University of Waterloo in the Environment, Resources, and Sustainability program. She then focused her energy on receiving her Diploma in Massage Therapy from Sir Sandford Fleming College. 

Sari’s passion and desire to protect and preserve the ecosystems and green spaces that are dear to her heart, while balancing the business needs of fiscal responsibility and economic growth, led Sari to run as a candidate for the Green Party of Ontario in Hastings—Lennox and Addington during the 2018 Provincial Election. This enriching experience encouraged her to then run for municipal council in 2018, a race which she won.

As a municipal councillor, Sari understands the frustrations municipalities have in ensuring their voices are heard by Provincial and Federal governments. As a business owner, Sari is cognizant of the hardships associated with wasteful spending, high taxes and fluctuations in the market. As a scholar and lover of the planet, Sari recognizes the threat of the climate crisis to local, national and global economies as well as the risk to all life on earth. Sari is eager to continue fighting for fiscal responsibility, equal representation, accountability and transparency in Parliament, along with social, environmental, and economic justice. 

By unleashing the power of the trillion dollar green economy, ending and reallocating oil and gas subsidies to pay for quality programs like pharmacare and free tuition for low-income students, creating a Council of Canadian Governments to ensure each level of government works together to address the needs of our constituents, and being the only party to have a serious plan to address the climate crisis, Sari stands firmly behind her decision to run as the federal candidate for the Green Party of Canada. She knows the Green Party’s policies are the only ones that are bold and progressive enough to lead Canadians forward, together.