Brooke Martin is a Registered Nurse, born and raised in Norfolk County. Brooke graduated with distinction from Western University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing. She was hired shortly after, and has since become a member of two committees at her rural hospital where she has been working with the interdisciplinary team to improve patient care. Brooke has seen how social determinants of health like poverty negatively impact her patients. She is proud to be a member of a political party that uses evidenced-informed policies and upstream thinking to reduce the incidence of disease and illness, rather than just treating them once they occur. 
Brooke became a member of the Green Party because she thinks Canada deserves a transparent government that puts the needs of constituents above those of political parties. She believes communities need to be more resilient and self-sufficient, and that a triple bottom line approach of considering the economic, environmental, and social impacts of new policies is necessary.
Brooke is an avid gardener, and has been a volunteer with the Charlotteville Agricultural Society since elementary school. She understands that small-scale, locally grown, organic agriculture can help mitigate climate change; restore soil health; protect our water; and provide food security, health, and sustainable livelihoods.
Brooke is proud of the entrepreneurial spirit of Haldimand-Norfolk and thinks it could be an example to other communities across Canada. This area was once largely tobacco based and when tobacco use declined, it was stressful for many at first. However, it resulted in agriculture diversification and a focus on eco-tourism which has made the community more unique and resilient. Brooke thinks areas currently relying on the oil industry could use places like Haldimand-Norfolk as a model of what is possible if the future is looked upon with creativity and an open mind.