Etobicoke North

Nancy Ghuman has been a long-time advocate for sustainable and progressive policies in her community. She was an active member with the student union at York University where she played an instrumental role in banning the sale of plastic water bottles on campus. 
As a young woman of colour, she feels underrepresented in current politics, and hopes to be the voice that many may feel is not present in Parliament. Coming from India at a young age, and growing up in a small family business, she understands the struggles that many immigrant families and small business owners face. Access to affordable housing and education, having a robust, efficient healthcare system, preparing our youth to be able to participate in the clean tech economy, and building sustainable, resilient communities that can withstand the harsh realities of climate change, are some of the things she stands for. 
A graduate of a Master’s program from York University in Environmental Studies and a post-grad in Business Sustainability from Schulich School of Business, she understands the importance of sustainable business practices from both an ecological and economical perspective. During her studies, she had the opportunity to research renewable energy development in Denmark and Costa Rica, and participate as a delegate in the UNFCCC COP 22 in Morocco. She has always worked in the public sector in smart buildings and energy management at Toronto Community Housing and now with The City of Markham.
Nancy Ghuman ran as an MPP candidate in Etobicoke North in 2018, and is currently the President of Etobicoke North’s first Green Constituency Association. She also sits as a Board member for Solar Head of State, an international NGO that develops solar projects and enhances community engagement in the Caribbean Islands.