Don Valley North

Daniel Giavedoni was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area and has lived most of his life in North York, Ontario. He earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto and now works as a nursing coordinator involved in staffing multiple facilities across southern Ontario. He currently lives in the Don Valley North riding with his fiancée Ilham Hassan.

During the last federal election, Daniel was involved as the office manager for a candidate running a campaign downtown. His desire to run for the Green Party of Canada in 2019 stemmed from his frustration last election with popular politicians prioritizing their party over their constituents. To him, the Green Party isn't just about environmentalism, it is about a party that represents a grassroots movement of people having a rational and balanced discussion about the needs of the Canadian people, irrespective of party politics. He knows that solving a problem isn't about picking a side, it is about having a conversation and finding a solution where everyone wins.

Daniel is a director on his condominium board where he spends his time community building, cutting energy usage, and eliminating wasteful spending. He has always been driven to find where things can be done better and taking the lead when tasks are being neglected. At work or while volunteering his own time, his favourite thing to do is discover creative solutions to the problems everyone else missed.

In his free time, Daniel enjoys fixing things around the house and developing his skills as an amateur sculptor.