Don Valley East

Dan Turcotte is a director, strategist and executive producer. He is the owner and operator of Pet Shop Productions, an award-winning strategy and content production company that focuses on ethical work to entertain and educate Canadians. 

Dan, with Pet Shop, has worked in the education sector, politics, public infrastructure, healthcare and financial education. His work has been seen or heard on networks from CBC to ESPN, domestically and internationally. During this time, Dan has also worked with various charitable organizations in branding, fundraising and education. 

Dan studied music and broadcast production, which led him to a varied career as a singer, music composer, actor, advertising manager and even a stunt bike rider representing Canada’s athletes for an Olympic bid. His rise in the entertainment and marketing industries gave him unprecedented access to the workings of communications and today’s media. 

Dan is motivated by a conviction to preserve our beautiful country and planet, along with a desire to find social and political justice. He has learned that every person has a unique and valuable story and we all deserve equal respect. He strongly feels that we are on the verge of a new technological and economic revolution that will be spurred by green energy and transportation infrastructure. He is also an advocate for small businesses and local agriculture. 

Dan’s personal passions and convictions align closely with the Green Party of Canada’s vision. He has long been active in the political community, both independently and behind party lines, and has always wanted to run as a candidate. Through volunteering on Elizabeth May’s past campaigns, he found a new political home and looks forward to representing the Green Party in 2019.

Dan lives and works in Toronto part-time, spending the remainder maintaining his self built green home deep in the forest near Roslin, Ontario. Dan and his wife, Amita, have a baby daughter who always keeps him focused on building the best possible future.