Michele Braniff has had a varied career that included stints as a lawyer and mediator, middle manager of a non-profit mental health service provider, and as a professor at the post-secondary level. This involved teaching courses on social justice as part of a social service program at the college level, and as an adjunct professor teaching business law, governance, conflict resolution and negotiation at the University of Waterloo.

Michele has been a sole proprietor of her own businesses in law, mediation and team building, and has also been a small business advisor for start-up businesses focused on self-employment programs for youth and persons with disabilities. Currently, she is self-employed as an artist, storyteller and graphic facilitator. Michele has facilitated group discussions by offering graphic recording on a range of topics including: aboriginal visions for health care, poverty symposiums, improved race relations, wellness, and diversity.

In addition to her passion for visual art and storytelling, Michele enjoys a range of outdoor sports. A strong proponent of public transit and active transportation, she prefers to walk or take the train when commuting or running errands. She is also a strong supporter of eating local foods and is a frequent visitor of the Cambridge Farmers’ Market.

Michele is a proud grandmother and the mother of three adult children.