Brampton West

Jane Davidson is a veteran communications professional and writer/editor. After working for national media at the Globe and Mail Report on Business and the Toronto Star, Jane moved into public relations work while she raised her family as a single mother. After years as an award-winning communications specialist with Du Pont Canada in Mississauga, Jane brought her family to Peterborough to be nearer her aging parents. Following a stint as Campaign Director for the United Way, Jane returned to journalism and commuted to Toronto to work for the Anglican Journal of Canada as a staff reporter, where she was exposed to international journalism. This included regularly writing and editing overseas wire service content on issues of entire populations displaced and affected by religious conflicts, and also writing about the initial efforts to heal damage caused by Anglican participation in residential schools in Canada.

Before returning full time to the workforce to work for the Journal, Jane authored a book on adult literacy in Canada.

Since then Jane has moved between journalism and communications work. Following the Peterborough flood of 2004, Jane led all the communications and media relations efforts of the City of Peterborough to inform and comfort a traumatized populace.

She then accepted a position as media relations specialist for the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation of Ontario, headquartered in Pickering, Ontario.

Today, Jane is a small business owner who runs a writing and editing business and also works freelance as a writing coach for personal and business clients.