Marie Duplessis came of age in an environment committed to politics and advocacy. As far back as she can remember, ecological and social awareness was at the heart of her mission in life.

For the past ten years, Marie has been working in the agricultural sector. In addition to being directly dependent on climate stability, she also knows that Canadian farmers must be able to rely on the support of our governments to continue to feed local populations in a sustainable way. She deeply believes that enjoying so much natural wealth is a privilege that comes with enormous responsibilities — both in agriculture and the natural resource sector as a whole.

Marie believes it is our duty to quickly implement measures to counter climate change and preserve the environment. She joined the Green Party of Canada because she knows it is the only party with the resolve to confront this major challenge. Travelling across Canada and elsewhere around the world has made her realize that social equity and environmental sustainability must be at the core of our country’s future.

Marie is excited to work with the residents of Trois-Rivières to build a beautiful and equal society.