Sabrina Huet-Côté

Sabrina Huet-Côté studied accounting at university and is a proud mother and wife who is committed to community involvement. As an environmental champion, she works to inform the world about behavioural substitutes that make it possible to become more ecological and adopt more humane behaviour. 

Sabrina first ran for office as a candidate for the Green Party of Quebec in the 2018 provincial election. She chose to run again for federal office with the Green Party of Canada because she believes it is possible to live in a world where decisions are made based on the environment and people first. She is tired of politicians who contend that we can either have a strong economy or a healthy environment — she is convinced we can have both.

Sabrina’s vision for the future includes encouraging investment in green technology and jobs, incentivizing healthy lifestyle habits and fostering a strong sense of community. In her opinion, education is the key to achieving this, and therefore she will fight for policies that improve access to high-quality educational opportunities. 

Sabrina believes it is time that concepts of environment, family, equitable education, human rights and animal rights are at the core of our political conversation. She wants to work with everyone in her community to make that conversation a reality.