Mount Royal

A young professional and committed citizen, Clément Badra is very active and always looks to push for change in our society and help develop its resiliency and prosperity, regardless of the major challenges coming in the future.

Clément holds a master’s degree in environment and sustainable development, and has been focusing on complex issues mixing social, economic and environmental factors. He currently works on land use planning issues to better protect natural resources and biodiversity to preserve a healthy living environment.

Realizing the chance that we have to be in a democracy and the opportunity we have to participate in the process of protecting everyone’s freedom, he got involved with the Green Party of Canada. He is currently the youth representative for the Young Greens in Quebec. Very aware of the size of the challenge that we all face collectively, he wants to be part of a wave of new actors for change in our public institutions.

Besides his political involvement, Clément believes in the importance of grassroots activism and is a member of the civil society, participating in different citizen led initiatives. For example, he volunteers for nonprofit organizations looking to better the living conditions of citizens by changing the environment in which they live. This diverse experience has allowed him to meet and work with a wide variety of people and better understand the different challenges that everyone has to go through in their life. He hopes to work on building a more prosperous and equitable society offering the chance for everyone to reach their goal.

Clément is a dynamic and positive person that doesn't stop at the first hurdle. After an accident left him paralyzed and needing to use a wheelchair to move around, he rededicated himself to hard work and community involvement. Though this challenge brought him a new perspective on life, he worked to ensure it did not stop him from finishing his studies and finding a job. Being a sports addict, he continues to watch and participate in activities including rugby, skiing and scuba-diving.