Patrick Kerr was born and raised on a farm in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. After high school he attended the University of Alberta where he started volunteering with the Green Party and obtained a degree in Materials Engineering. Prior to finishing his doctoral thesis, he took a position as a researcher at a metallurgical research consortium in Quebec City where he fell in love with the city, the province, but most importantly his partner Corinne. Together they have a three year old son. Living in Quebec City with his family for seven years, Patrick, in search of a passive income source, in order to allow him to be at home more with his son.

Above all, the arrival of Patrick's son has motivated him the most to do something and his fatherly instincts have kicked in. He believes that the Green Party is the only party taking into account the country's long term interests of sustainable development and in turn, they are the only party he can run for.