Jamil Azzaoui is a Quebecker of Moroccan-French origin. He arrived in Quebec forty years ago, at the age of eighteen, alone with a guitar. Since then, he has strived to make an impressive contribution to Quebec society. Over the last twenty years, he has collaborated with more than 200 artists as a promotion agent, manager and producer. Jamil has contributed to 44 Félix Trophy Victories, including those of Richard Desjardins, Isabelle Boulay and Francis Cabrel.
A seasoned businessman, Jamil is the founder of Medley, Petit Medley and Gainzbar. A philanthropist, he financed the university studies of about fifty employees over nine years. He is also the co-founder of Le Show du Refuge with Dan Bigras, and the first spokesperson for Sainte-Justine au Coeur du Monde. An author-composer-performer of songs with irreverent humour, he has been nominated seven times at the Adisq Gala. Jamil is also the author of several major hits by Marie-Élaine Thibert, Éric Lapointe and others.
After surviving a double brain hemorrhage in 2008, Jamil moved to his current position as Director of Communications for the Quebec Food Banks Network, where he is passionately fighting the growing problem of food waste and insecurity.