Jency Mercier is an environmentalist and activist who has been involved with a wide-range of initiatives from urban pollination projects to political campaigns. A graduate of Université de Montréal, she studied political science and multi-ethnic intervention.

Jency first ran for public office in the 2013 municipal election in Verdun on a platform of accountability and good governance. Inspired by this first experience, and wanting to build on her passion for environmental conservation and equity, she then ran for the Green Party of Canada in 2015. 

Jency is running again in 2019 because she cares deeply about reversing climate change and ensuring all people have access to quality social services. She supports the Green Party because they not only have the most comprehensive environmental plan, but they have a serious plan to invest in the public programs that allow people to live bright and fulfilling lives.

Jency is ready to put in the hard work required to build a green and prosperous future for Québec and Canada.