La Pointe-de-l'Île

Franco Fiori began his legal career with a major business law firm where he practiced mainly in commercial and civil litigation. He then joined a major union organization where he acted as spokesperson on behalf of more than 30,000 public sector employees, working towards the renewal of the collective agreements of the French- and English-speaking sectoral tables. During this period, his duties consisted of: negotiating insurance contracts, coordinating the legal files fixed at the Registry, pleading legal files, acting as a pivot counsel to his colleagues and providing budget, insurance and legal advice.
A committed environmentalist since the early 2000s, Franco completely changed his personal life and career around this time, devoting himself to university organizations working on social and political issues. His desire to contribute to a dynamic economy, more representative government and sustainable resource development has been reflected in his work with the political party Projet Montréal. Franco has served as both a candidate and volunteer with the party for several years.
Franco has also participated in numerous artistic projects of an environmental, social and political nature. He is tremendously excited to become involved with acting, theatre, humour and cinema, passions which he set aside way back when he began his legal studies.
In addition to his legal degree, Franco holds a Bachelor of History with Honours and a Bachelor of English. He is also fluent in French, English and Italian.