Guy Dostaler was born and raised in Gatineau, and now calls the municipality of Val-Des-Monts home. A carpenter and owner of a company specializing in the installation of commercial doors and hardware, he has been working in the construction industry for 32 years. As part of the team responsible for the restoration of the East Block on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Guy has recognized expertise.
A family man and partner for 30 years, he devotes his time to environmental awareness projects that aim to reduce our emissions that contribute to climate change. Instigator of several great ecological awareness initiatives, Guy has created the "Walk for the Earth" event, which takes place every year in the Outaouais region to raise public awareness about climate change. A citizens' initiative that has inspired many.
Since joining the Green Party, Guy has been impressed by the environmentally conscious platform, policies and supporters, and is proud to join them in fighting for a sustainable and prosperous future.
Guy looks forward to meeting residents across the Gatineau riding and working with them to build a brighter future.