A native of Quebec City, Frédérik Bernier has his roots in Drummondville, where his parents and close family still live. Working for the past 20 years in the field of video communications as director of photography and cameraman, his work has taken him around Quebec and Canada, where he has been able to learn about the various layers of society and the realities of each. He has witnessed a multitude of backgrounds, ranging from businesses of all kinds, the health system, education, agriculture, transportation, and more.

Concerned about the possible arrival of the shale gas industry in the St. Lawrence Valley, he also volunteered as a videographer against shale gas, travelling to Pennsylvania to observe and report the damage. A strong advocate of the environment, Frédérik is particularly interested in the energy transition, sustainable agriculture and the growth of a local economy. He is convinced that it is possible to make a transition to a more environmentally friendly future while addressing citizens' concerns. A good communicator, captivated by history, politics and the environment, it is not surprising that Frédérik decided to enter politics.

A man of values and convictions, he has long known the importance of a strong and supportive community that wants to act as a catalyst to make things happen. Thirsty for new challenges and really want to make a difference in society, he wants to put his passion to good use and make a difference in the lives of the citizens of Drummond. With the impact of climate change an immediate threat, it is now time to adopt clear political commitments to address current and emerging environmental issues.

Work must be accelerated to ensure a healthy environment and a sustainable lifestyle for our children, grandchildren and future generations who will sooner or later take our place. This is certainly one of his main motivations, himself a father of two children. The citizens of Drummond are recognized as an innovative and environmentalist population and he is more than ready to be their spokesperson.