Born to Syrian parents, Meryam Haddad has called Quebec home since the age of five, and is known for her passion and unbounded energy.
Meryam holds a law degree from the University of Ottawa, and has been a member of the Quebec Bar since 2013. To fund her university studies, she also worked as a tour guide at the Royal Canadian Mint.
Based on her own experiences, Meryam has spent the last few years practicing immigration law and defending the rights of refugees and asylum seekers from all over the world in Canadian courts. Her strength of character and dedication to the cause has quickly strengthened her reputation among clients, and has enabled her to have a rewarding and successful professional life. In six years of practice, she has established herself as an independent lawyer, recognized by her peers as an expert in her field.
Today, Meryam Haddad feels ready to take on new challenges. Anxious to become involved in her community, she wishes to honor her rights and duties as an active citizen. She joined the Green Party and decided to run because their platform directly aligns with her most fundamental values. Meryam is confident that she will be able to put her skills and passion for humanitarianism, equality and sustainability to the benefit of the party and her community.