Samuel Moisan-Domm was introduced to the values and ideas of the Green Party by his father, and has been a strong advocate for environmental action since he was very young. Indeed, he first ran as a Green Party candidate in the riding of Charlesbourg—Jacques-Cartier in 2000, when he was only eighteen-years-old.

Samuel is a graduate of St. Lawrence College, holds a Bachelor of Philosophy from the University of Waterloo, and completed his Master of Public Administration at Carleton University. Since returning to Quebec City in 2011, he has specialized in risk management for the Government of Quebec, including analyzing fraud risk related to major projects.

Samuel discovered an affinity for risk management as a rigorous discipline focused on prevention. In a context where the planet is facing several major simultaneous challenges —from global warming to misinformation to corruption— he sees risk management expertise as more necessary than ever.

Samuel believes that the Green Party's values and ideas are essential to face the future. Like his fellow citizens, he is aware that his riding and humanity are facing urgent and often interrelated challenges. He also knows that solutions, technological or not, exist. What is often missing are elected officials who have the public interest at heart and public policies that dare to think outside the box. His cry from the heart is simple: The future is in our hands.

In addition to his work as a candidate, Samuel also served as the President of the Green Party Electoral Association in Kitchener—Waterloo during his university studies, and was actively involved in several election campaigns.

Samuel looks forward to working with the residents of Charlesbourg—Haute-Saint-Charles to build a more sustainable and prosperous future.