Éric Laferrière

Éric Laferrière first realized his passion for customer service and problem solving while working in the auto parts and repair business. Helping customers solve their car problems was an eye opening experience for him, and a real learning process in maintaining empathy in situations of frustration.

Looking to build off his new found desire to work in a customer-focused sector —and his personal curiosity surrounding forex and active trading— Éric returned to school to study finance and investment. After years of study, he acquired the titles of Investment Advisor, Mortgage Broker and Financial Security Advisor. In addition, he is currently studying to become a Portfolio Manager.

Éric now works as an Investment Advisor, and serves clients looking to better manage their investment portfolios. His background in financial analysis has fundamentally shaped the way he looks at the world, and he is proud of his understanding of issues as diverse as: pension funds, personal investment, economic cycles, eco-responsible investment and global trade markets.

Éric is especially interested in the potential of environmentally-responsible investment, and believes it should be at the centre of our national fiscal policy. He knows that our current financial decisions will greatly impact the future that our children and grandchildren inherit.

Éric believes getting involved in politics is the natural next step in his journey to better serve those around him. In 2019, he looks forward to having important conversations around fiscal policy and more with all the residents of Berthier—Maskinongé.